Nothing contained in this blog or on our website, http://www.tenantprotectoraz.com, is legal advice.  We are here to provide information and links to resources regarding your rights under the Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act and your rights under common law.  This blog and our website should be used solely as information and a starting point for your own research. Legal advice is given when your particular circumstances is described and we apply the law to your specific circumstance. 

You should contact an attorney for legal advice; for that attorney to apply your circumstances to our information or their own. We are here to educate but also to indirectly advertise our legal services. We are not your attorneys and no attorney/client relationship exist unless we enter into a written agreement to provide you with legal services. Nor does an attorney/client confidential relationship exist unless we agree to listen or review your particular circumstance. 

Legal advice.


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