I bet you didn’t know: The Arizona Landlord and Tenant Act A.R.S 33-1313(B) states that Notice is considered received in a variety of ways. ” A person “receives” a notice or notification when it comes to his attention, OR in the case of the landlord, it is delivered in hand OR mailed by registered OR certified mail to the place of business of the landlord through which the rental agreement was made OR at any place held out by him as the place for receipt of the communication OR delivered to any individual who is designated as an agent by section 33-1322.”  The law is clear, however, the Justice Courts state that notice for repairs must be given by the terms of the lease.  However, most lease agreements do not specify how notice must be given for repairs, actually, the Notice provision in the lease agreement is for legal notices mainly.  For a layperson, this can be confusing because this is not explained to you when you sign the lease. That is why the 5 day notices and 10 day notices are so important.  I counsel my clients to use these notices every time it is applicable.  Since these notices contain legal jargon, you need to use the address contained in the lease agreement in the Notice provision. Please remember that this small detail is very important to proving your case, providing evidence for a counterclaim or to prevent retaliation by your landlord/property manager.

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